The Lebanese Rocket Society

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The Lebanese Rocket Society movie poster.

Movie (2012)

Manoug Manougian (Himself -Mathematics professor-)
John Markarian (Himself)
Youssef Wehbé (Himself)
Harry Koundakjian (Himself)

In the 1960s, Lebanon was the first Arab country to start sending rockets into the sky, hoping reaching the space. Why was all this totally forgotten?

Douglas AD-6 Skyraider

Douglas AD-6 of VA-35 from Saratoga (July and August 1958).

TheLRS AD-6.jpg

North American T-6 Texan

TheLRS T-6.jpg

Boeing 737–230 Adv

Reg. D-ABCE Boeing 737–230 Adv Lufthansa Flight 181 13–18 October 1977.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.


Boeing 707-3B4C

Reg. OD-AFC, c/n 20225/757 Boeing 707-3B4C of MEA MEA-Middle East Airlines destroyed on the ground by Israeli Commandos at Maṭār Bayrūt ad-Dwaliyy /Beirut International Airport (BEI/OLBA) on 28 December 1968.


OKB-1 Vostok 1

12 April 1961 : Yuri Gagarin climbing the stairs to the Vostok 3KA-3 then takeoff of Vostok 1.

TheLRS Vostok1.jpg
TheLRS Vostok1b.jpg
TheLRS Vostok.jpg

Saturn V Apollo

Engine J-2 of an Apollo mission when interstage is jettisoned.

TheLRS Apollo.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

TheLRS 00013.jpg

Space Shuttle Adonis (Buran)

13 May 2025: the big launch with "indigenous" space shuttle Adonis. In fact, the shuttle itself is the Buran spaceplane developed by the Soviet Union, and the launch vehicle is the Energia, used in the same Soviet program.

TheLRS 00014.jpg
TheLRS 00015.jpg
TheLRS 00016.jpg

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