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Chung seung wan siu / 衝上雲霄 movie poster.

TV Series (2003)
Hong Kong title : 衝上雲霄
English title : Triumph In the Skies

Francis Ng (Samuel 唐亦琛 Tong)
Flora Chan (Isabelle "Belle" 樂以珊 Lok)
Joe Ma (Vincent 凌雲志 Ling)
Myolie Wu (Zoe 蘇怡 So Yi)
Some Flight Trainees :
Michelle Ye (Zita 童希欣 Tung Hei Yan, the only female in the cadre)
Ron Ng (Issac 唐亦風 Tong Yik Fung,the younger brother of Sam)
Sammul Chan (Donald 萬浩聰 Man Ho Chung)

Tells the lives of pilots working for the fictional Solar Airways.

Also from this series:

Chung seung wan siu II

Boeing 747 (CMI)

Episode 01
Core of the fleet of the fictional Solar Airways based on Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific. The new skin often forget the access doors.

A Boeing 747-400.

Several airframes with the closest being a freighter #6744; next is a Boeing 747-400 and away another one of Cathay Pacific Airways.

ChungSWS-E1 SA-6744.jpg

Flight simulator of a Boeing 747-400.

ChungSWS-E1 FSim.jpg

Episode 02
With the control tower of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG/VHHH) in the background.

ChungSWS-E2 SA-tower.jpg

Seen in many episode including ...
Episode 06

ChungSWS-E6 SA-747.jpg

Episode 15

ChungSWS-E15 747.jpg

Episode 20

ChungSWS-E20 747.jpg
ChungSWS-E31 solarN.jpg

Boeing 757-21B

Episode 01
Boeing 757-21B of China Southern Airlines with a United Airlines Boeing 747-422 in the distance.

ChungSWS-E1 Dragonair.jpg

Airbus A330-342

Episode 01
Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300.

ChungSWS-E1 Bi.jpg


Episode 02
China Eastern Airlines A310 facing a Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 777-300ER both under a Solar Airways Boeing 747.

ChungSWS-E2 3WB.jpg

Cessna 152

Episode 04
Reg. B-HHP

ChungSWS-E4 B-HHP.jpg
ChungSWS-E4 B-HHP-2.jpg
ChungSWS-E4 B-HHP-3.jpg
ChungSWS-E4 B-HHP-4.jpg

(left) Cessna 172N Skyhawk registration B-HIG of the Hong Kong Aviation Club.

ChungSWS-E4 B-NIG.jpg

Episode 05

ChungSWS-E5 B-H.jpg

Cessna 182P Skylane

Episode 04
Registration B-HHF.

ChungSWS-E4 B-HHF.jpg

Episode 27

ChungSWS-E27 B-HHF.jpg

Cessna 175 Skylark

Episode 04

ChungSWS-E4 cessna.jpg

Valentin Taifun 17E II

Episode 08
Reg. JA2422 Valentin Taifun 17E II c/n 1120.

ChungSWS-E8 JA2422-b.jpg
ChungSWS-E8 JA2422c.jpg
ChungSWS-E8 JA2422-c.jpg
ChungSWS-E8 JA2422-e.jpg
ChungSWS-E8 JA2422-d.jpg

Scheibe SF 25

Episode 08

ChungSWS-E8 motoglider.jpg
ChungSWS-E8 motoglider2.jpg

Socata TB-10 Tobago

Episode 09
Reg. VH-YTN Socata TB-10 Tobago (c/n 1519) of BAE Systems Flight Training filmed at Parafield Airport (ICAO: YPPF), South Australia, Australia.

VH-YTN Socata TB-10 Tobago (c/n 1519).

Episode 10

VH-YTI Socata TB-10 Tobago.
ChungSWS-E10 tobago-engine.jpg

Episode 11

ChungSWS-E11 Tob.jpg

Episode 13
On 11 July 2017, this SOCATA TB-10 Tobago aircraft (c/n 1407), registered VH-YTG, was conducting a scheduled night flying lesson at Parafield airport, near Adelaide, South Australia. On final approach and at about 500 ft above ground level, the aircraft’s right wing struck a flying drone. The same aircraft suffered substancial damage on both main landing gears after a hard landing at Glen Innes Airport (YGLI), Yarrowford, New South Wales, Australia; this was the result of a practice engine failure started at too low height and speed (29 March of 1996).

VH-YTG SOCATA TB-10 Tobago (c/n 1407).

Reg. VH-YTI Socata TB-10 Tobago of BAE Systems Flight Training. On July 2005, Young Brothers Aviation has purchased the BAE Systems Flight Training Adelaide pilot training school and renamed it Flight Training Adelaide (FTA), a named worn by this aircraft at least until May 2015. Now (2018), it's a Diamond DA-40 Diamond Star XLS of FTA registered as VH-YTI.

VH-YTI Socata TB-10 Tobago.

Reg. VH-YTX Socata TB-10 Tobago (c/n 1606).

VH-YTX Socata TB-10 Tobago (c/n 1606).

Reg. VH-YTO Socata TB-10 Tobago (c/n 1520) of BAE Systems Flight Training.

VH-YTO Socata TB-10 Tobago (c/n 1520).
ChungSWS-E13 tobago-flying.jpg
ChungSWS-E13 tobagos.jpg

Episode 25
(front to rear) Reg. VH-YTL, ?, VH-YTN, VH-YTE, VH-YTT.
VH-YTL Socata TB.10 Tobago c/n 1517 seen dismantled at Parafield in March 2013; VH-YTN is Tobago c/n 1519.

ChungSWS-E25 5Tob.jpg

Learjet 45

Episode 10
Reg. VH-CXJ Learjet 45 (c/n 45-152) of Cathay Pacific Airways based at Parafield (YPPF), South Australia, Australia.

ChungSWS-E10 Learjet.jpg

Episode 25

ChungSWS-E25 what.jpg

Grob G-115A

Episode 10

ChungSWS-E10 Grob-G-115A.jpg

Mudry CAP 10B

Episode 13
Reg. VH-SZY Mudry CAP-10B (c/n 250) of BAE Systems Flight Training despite Austrlian Aviation College painted on the vertical stabilizer.

ChungSWS-E13 VH-SZY.jpg
ChungSWS-E13 VH-SZY CAP10B 250.jpg
ChungSWS-E13 VH-SZY CAP10B.jpg
ChungSWS-E13 VH-SZY CAP10B-Mudry.jpg


Episode 14
CGI Boeing 747-400 of Solar Airways taxiing with a Boeing 747 and Airbus A330 of Cathay Pacific at the terminal.

ChungSWS-E14 CatPac2.jpg

Beechcraft 76 Duchess

Episode 14
Reg. VH-WZB Beechcraft 76 Duchess (c/n ME-185) of BAE Systems Flight Training.

ChungSWS-E14 VH-WZB Beechcraft-76.jpg
ChungSWS-E14 VH-WZB front.jpg

Reg. VH-WZC Beechcraft 76 Duchess.

ChungSWS-E14 VH-WZC.jpg

Some continuity error : for example, when Isaac, Donald and Zita are flying through bad weather, they taxy with VH-WZB ...
... and are cleared to take off as Bravo Tango Juliet 21 ...

Reg. VH-BTJ c/n ME-358 built in 1980.
ChungSWS-E14 VH-WZB fly.jpg

.. the landing is done with VH-WZB (again) as well as the run on the taxiway and apron...

ChungSWS-E14 VH-WZB Beechcraft-Duchess.jpg

... but Issac shut down engine of VH-WZC ! The same flight used four aircraft / three registrations !

ChungSWS-E14 VH-WZC3.jpg

Cessna 210

Episode 14
Parafield Airport's tower with a Cessna 210.

ChungSWS-E14 towera.jpg

Piper PA-28-161 Warrior

Episode 14
Reg. VH-BYA Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II c/n 28-7916444.

ChungSWS-E14 VH-BYA.jpg

Airbus A330

Episode 20
Airbus A330 of Cathay Pacific.

ChungSWS-E20 CatPac3.jpg

Boeing 747-400

Episode 21
Boeing 747-400 of Cathay Pacific.

ChungSWS-E21 CatPac4.jpg

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar

Episode 21
Lockheed L-1011 TriStar of Cathay Pacific Airways in the livery used until 1994.

ChungSWS-E21 CatPac5.jpg

Airbus A300

Episode 21
China Eastern Airlines Airbus A300.

ChungSWS-E21 ChinaEasternAirlines.jpg

Boeing 747

Episode 21
Take off of a Boeing 747 of JAL-Japan Air Lines.

ChungSWS-E21 JAL.jpg

Airbus A340

Episode 22
Airbus A340 of Cathay Pacific Airways.

ChungSWS-E22 CatPac1.jpg

Boeing 777-2D7

Episode 30
Boeing 777-2D7 of Thai Airways International.

ChungSWS-E30 Thai.jpg

Boeing 747-400

Episode 37
Boeing 747-400 of Singapore Airlines.

ChungSWS-E37 SingAirliner.jpg

Episode 40
Another one with the livery of Cathay Pacific.

ChungSWS-E40 747.jpg

Beechcraft Premier I

Episode 34

ChungSWS-E34 magazine.jpg

Bell 430

Episode 34
Bell 430 on the cover of Helicopter Japan.

ChungSWS-E34 magazine-cover.jpg

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