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Title Screen for Homeland

TV Series (2011-2020)

Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison)
Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody)
Morean Baccarin (Jessiva Brody)
Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson)
Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody)

Carrie Mathison is a ruthless CIA agent who will pursue a lead or hunch at any cost. When Nicholas Brody becomes that hunch, she, and with her persuasion the Agency, take a closer look.

Season 1

Convair YF-102A Delta Dagger

Ep. 1.01 Pilot
Serial 53-1788/FC-788. Currently resting at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

HLE01 53-1788.jpg

McDonnell F-101F Voodoo

Ep. 1.01 Pilot
Serial 56-0243, c/n 190. Currently resting at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

HLE01 56-0243.jpg

McDonnell Douglas F-4S Phantom II

Ep. 1.01 Pilot
Serial 155872/DB-05, c/n 3384. Displayed at Carolinas Aviation Museum.

HLE01 155872.jpg

LTV A-7E Corsair II

Ep. 1.01 Pilot
Serial 159971/AC-404, c/n E-420. Retired to Carolinas Aviation Museum.

HLE01 159971.jpg

Grumman F-14D Tomcat

Ep. 1.01 Pilot
BuNo 161166/AJ-207. Resting at Carolinas Aviation Museum.

HLE01 AJ-207.jpg

Cessna 750 Citation X

Ep. 1.01 Pilot
Registration N750JT, serial 750-0302. Outside of the Carolinas Aviation Museum at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT/KCLT).

HLE01 N750JT.jpg

Raytheon Hawker 100 (BAe 125-1000)

Ep. 1.01 Pilot

HLE01 H1000.jpg

Grumman OV-1 Mohawk

Ep. 1.01 Pilot
Two Mohawks are preserved by the Carolinas Aviation Museum, this one is 62-5874, c/n 33B.

HLE01 OV-1.jpg

Boeing 767

Ep. 1.03 Clean Skin

HLE03 767.jpg

Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream III

Ep. 1.05 Blind Spot
Registration N492A, c/n 425.

HLE05 N492A.jpg
HLE05 N492A 2.jpg

McDonnell Douglas MD-80 family

Ep. 1.05 Blind Spot

HLE05 MD80.jpg

Airbus A320

Ep. 1.07 The Weekend
Control tower of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT/KCLT).

Airbus A320 of US Airways.

Boeing 767-200ER & Bombardier CRJ700

Ep. 1.07 The Weekend
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT/KCLT).

Boeing 767-200ER of US Airways and CRJ700 of American Eagle.

Season 2

Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight

Ep. 2.12 The Choice
Footage reused from Under Siege.

Homeland CH-46.jpg

Season 3

Boeing CH-47 Chinook

Ep. 3.09 One Last Thing

Homeland S3 Chinook.jpg

Season 4

Gulfstream III

Ep. 4.01 The Drone Queen

HS4 jet.3.jpg

Dassault Falcon 900

Registration N900EX belongs to several Falcon 900s.
Ep. 4.02 Trylon and Perisphere

HS4 jet.4.jpg

Gulfstream G550

Ep. 4.12 Krieg Nicht Lieb

HL 412 aircraftsprinter.jpg

Season 5

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 5.04 Why Is This Night Different?

Maybe Gulfstream G280

Season 7

Gulfstream G200

Ep. 7.09 Useful Idiot


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