Krasnaya palatka

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The Red Tent movie poster.

Movie (1969)
Russian title : Красная палатка
Also known as: La Tenda Rossa
French title : La tente rouge ou Le jugement des morts
International title : The Red Tent

Peter Finch (General Umberto Nobile)
Sean Connery (Roald Amundsen)
Hardy Krüger (Lt. Einar Lundborg, the swedish pilot)
Nikita Mikhalkov (Chukhnovsky, the russian aviator)

In Rome many years after the 1928 polar expedition of the semi-rigid airship "Italia". Nobile has endured years of scorn for his actions during the disaster and its aftermath. He imagines his apartment turned into a court of inquiry against him, where witnesses and judges are his former crewmen and Roald Amundsen.

Nobile Model T-34 Roma

Italian-built semi-rigid airship purchased by the United States in 1921 but designated by its constructor as the Model T-34. Operated by the United States Army Air Service from November 1921 to February 21, 1922, when it crashed in Norfolk, Virginia, after hitting high tension lines killing 34 people aboard, with 9 survivors. As a result of this accident, Roma was the last hydrogen inflated airship flown by the US military; all subsequent airships were inflated with helium.
Same aircraft in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Lighter-Than-Air).

KP 00120.jpg

Nobile N-4 Italia

First, archive footage.

KP Italia 0h03m20.jpg
KP Italia 0h04m48.jpg

Then, a model for the full sight...

KP Italia 0h20m42.jpg

and a size 1:1 replica of the corridor

KP Italia 0h28m43.jpg

.. as like as for the gondola (here, once the crash has store it from the airship).

KP Italia 0h32m18.jpg

Set featuring the wreckage (the airship envelope has never been found).

KP 12655.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-12 (acting as a Fokker C-V)

A yak 12 was highly modified by addition of a lower wing and removing windscreen of the cabin to open the cockpit and transforming it in a tandem aircraft to simulate a Fokker C-V.

KP Yak-12 1h18m03.jpg
KP Yak-12 1h18m28.jpg

With anothers colors.

KP Yak-12 1h18m08.jpg

Another one was slightly modified (just addition of a bar betwwen the wheels and change of the cooling).

KP Yak-12 1h18m00.jpg

Polikarpov Po-2 (acting as Fokker C.V.M)

Wearing the swedish roundels. Two Fokkers were dispatched (31 and 32) and 31 was use to bring back Nobile.

KP Po2 1h17m30.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-18

Another plane higly modified and which never flew after that.

KP 04821.jpg
KP Yak-18 1h18m12.jpg

Various Mock-up of Aircrafts

To symbolise the multi national rush from the journalists and aviators who came in Bergen during the rescue effort. Several aircraft converted without great precision to figure airplanes of the late twenties.

KP various 1h19m16.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-12 (modified into an unidentified flying boat)

Another Yak 12 without its engine and the windshield remove in order to create an open cockpit. An upper wing has been added and the engine place between the two wings. On the real flying boat, the engine was a pusher, not a puller. Roald Amundsen disappeared with the three other crew members on this aircraft during a Search and Rescue flight which left Bergen (Norway) on the 18th June 1928.

KP Po2 1h17m30.jpg

Macchi M.5 & SPAD S.XIII

(left) Macchi M.5 & (right) SPAD S.XIII of Francesco Baracca, Italy's top ace of World War One.

KP 10810.jpg

Nobile N1 Norge

At Admunsen's appartment (in 1928), a frame with an Airship picture. Probably a memory of the 1926 North Pole expedition aboard the first Class N airship of Nobile, beaten of a few days by the american Col. R. E. Byrd and F. Bennet (who used a Fokker F-VIIa/3M).
Same aircraft seen in other movies - IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Others / Lighter-Than-Air).

KP Norge 1h25m38.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

KP 11205.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft (Acting as Latham 47)

Latham 47.02 piloted by Norwegian Leif Dietrichson and Frenchman René Guilbaud, picked up the explorer Roald Amundsen and three other crew at Bergen. On 18 June the aircraft left Tromsø, Norway to fly across the Barents Sea; it disappeared without a trace.
The Latham 47 was a flying boat so a mooring is mandatory, not a runway...

KP 11215.jpg

Antonov An-2

As the mock up built from a Yak 12 is unable to fly, it's an Antonov An 2 which landed near the survivors.

KP An-2 1h46m28.jpg

Junkers G 23 (model)

KP Junkers G-23 1h11m23.jpg
KP G-23 1h59m28.jpg
KP G-23 2h03m28.jpg
KP G-23 2h06m48.jpg

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