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Prizrak poster.

Movie (2015)
Russian title: Призрак
English title: Ghost
French title : Le Fantôme

Fedor Bondarchuk (Yury Gordeyev)
Semyon Treskunov (Vanya)
Yan Tsapnik (Gena)
Kseniya Lavrova-Glinka (Vanya's Mother)

Yuri Gordeev is a talented aircraft designer and the creator of the innovative YuG-1 aircraft. He plans to show off the plane's capabilities at the upcoming Zhukovsky air show and win a government tender but he got into a car accident, died and became a ghost. Only the teenager Vanya is the one who can see and help him.

Note: This film utilises a significant quantity of Computer Generated Images (CGI). Aircraft portrayed in this film may not be entirely accurate and have been identified as closely as possible to real aircraft.

Unidentified Light Aircraft

Prizrak 00308.jpg

Yugavia YG-1 / ЮГ-1 (Fictional Airliner)

Yuri Gordeev YG-1, a real breakthrough prototype in domestic aviation.
Possibly based on the Embraer ERJ 145XR / Legacy 600.

Prizrak 2.jpg
Prizrak 14300.jpg

Polzunov Airliner

Andrei Polzunov (acted by Igor Ugolnikov), Gordeev's rival and creator of the Polzunov Design Bureau.Here in front of his airliner, the competitor of the YG-1.

Prizrak 05430.jpg

Ilyushin Il-76


Antonov An-74

Among numerous shapes seen from a far distance, we can too guess a blurred Sukhoi Su-24. Here an Antonov An-74 behind the flag.

Prizrak An-74.jpg

Desk Model and Book

Airbus A380-800 & British Aerospace BAe 146

Airbus A380 of Lufthansa and British Aerospace BAe 146 of SN Brussels Airlines desk models.

Prizrak 12101.jpg

Polikarpov U-2

Prizrak 12105.jpg

Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde

Wearing Air France colors.

Prizrak 12106.jpg

Fouga CM170R Magister

Prizrak 12107.jpg

Various Aircraft

Several light aircraft and a Mil Mi-8/17.

Prizrak 12110.jpg

Antonov An-12

Prizrak 12207.jpg
Prizrak 12240.jpg

Airship Metal Desk Model

Prizrak 12730.jpg

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