L'inspecteur aime la bagarre

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L'inspecteur aime la bagarre movie poster.

Movie (1957)

Louis Velle (Pile twin brothers, Jacques and Georges)
Nicole Courcel (Hélène)
Paul Meurisse (detective Morice)
Roland Toutain (Gil Fokkerman)
Jean Tissier (Jules, the butler)

To protect him, Georges takes the place of his twin brother, Jacques, who is suspected of having murdered an aircraft manufacturer and stolen the plans for a revolutionary engine. The police suspect him, document traffickers seek to kidnap him and he must not disappoint his "fiancée".
Air action seen at the beginning of the film is from the Fête Nationale de l'Air (Air National Celebration) held on 11 June 1950 at Orly (l'Aéroport de Paris as read in the credits). This was the last such event here as massive building started soon to built the new airport.

Gloster Meteor F Mk 4

Four Gloster Meteors of the Royal Air Force.

L1specAimLaBag 00008.JPG
L1specAimLaBag 00015.JPG

Dassault MD.450 Ouragan Prototypes

Prototype 02 which flew for the last time in 1953.

L1specAimLaBag 00022.JPG

Prototype 03, seen again just before the P-80s.
This aircraft's last flight was in 1954 and put on a range, the last use was to be the target of straffers.

L1specAimLaBag 00033.JPG

The first prototype was too flying that day but was not kept by the cameraman (or the editor).

Nord 1201 Norécrin I

L1specAimLaBag 00407.JPG

Seen again later (on the ground).

L1specAimLaBag 05020.JPG

Gloster Meteor F Mk 4

Gloster Meteor F Mk 4 serial KR-T, No. 226 Operational Conversion Unit, Royal Air Force.

L1specAimLaBag 00058 KRoT.JPG

Lockheed Constellation & Douglas DC-4

(bottom) The triple tail of a Lockheed Constellation and the tail of a hidden Air France Douglas DC-4.

L1specAimLaBag 00105.JPG

De Havilland DH100 Vampire FB.5 Vampire

Flypast of twenty-four De Havilland DH100 Vampire FB.5 Vampires of Armée de l'Air (French Air Force).

L1specAimLaBag 00107.JPG

and eleven of the twelve others ...

L1specAimLaBag 00113.JPG
L1specAimLaBag 00126.JPG

Douglas C-54 Skymaster

Note in the background the temporary control tower and the first radar (1948-1954).

L1specAimLaBag 00129.JPG

English Electric Canberra B1

English Electric Canberra B1 prototype c/n 71004 serial VN850. Crashed south of Hucknall, Notts on 13 June 1951.

L1specAimLaBag 00138.JPG
L1specAimLaBag 00148.JPG

Gloster Meteor F Mk 4

Three of the six Gloster Meteors of the Patrouille Acrobatique Belge (which became the next year the Acrobobs (with four Meteors) and later The Red Devils - Les Diables Rouges (from 1957, first flying on Hawker Hunter)).

L1specAimLaBag 00218.JPG

SNCASO SO.6020-02 Espadon

Reg. F-WFDV SNCASO SO.6020-02 Espadon.
Given to be a revolutionary fighter (named Laveau 3000) able of breaking the sound barrier ... a performance never achieved by the Espadon (swordfish).

L1specAimLaBag 00222 F-WFDV.JPG
L1specAimLaBag 00228.JPG

Caudron Simoun

...LE on the roof for Toussus-le-Noble (code IATA : TNF / code OACI : LFPN).

L1specAimLaBag 00242.JPG

Cessna 195

L1specAimLaBag 00246.JPG

Ryan Navion

L1specAimLaBag 00154.JPG

Reg. F-BESR Ryan Navion c/n NAV-4-831.

L1specAimLaBag 00332.JPG

Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star

Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star from Skyblazers, USAF air demonstration team.

L1specAimLaBag 00342.JPG

SNCAC (Société Nationale des Constructions Aéronautiques du Centre) NC 856N Norclub

(left) Reg. F-BHHC S.N.C.A.C. NC 856N Norclub c/n 1 (of 2), one of many variant of Nord NC.850 family.

L1specAimLaBag 00409.JPG

Convair CV-440 Metropolitan

Convair CV-440 Metropolitan of SABENA-Société Anonyme Belge de Navigation Aérienne.

L1specAimLaBag 00702.JPG
L1specAimLaBag 00708.JPG

Morane-Saulnier MS-500 Criquet

L1specAimLaBag 05017.JPG

Fokker S.11

Reg. PH-NDX Fokker S.11.

L1specAimLaBag 05031 PH-NDX.JPG
L1specAimLaBag 05915.JPG

SNCASO SO.1221 Djinn

SNCASO SO.1221 Djinn wearing the code XV (maybe the last two letters of her military registration).
The maiden flight of the type was on 1953.

L1specAimLaBag 13215.JPG
L1specAimLaBag 13225.JPG
L1specAimLaBag 13235 XV.JPG
L1specAimLaBag 13640.JPG

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