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Nebo movie poster.

Movie (2021)
Russian title : Небо
English title : Sky or Mission Sky

Igor Petrenko (Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Soshnikov, the Russian Air Force pilot)
Ivan Batarev (Captain Konstantin Muravyov, his teammate navigator)
Sergey Gubanov (Major Vadim Zakharov, Special Operations Forces Officer)
Maria Mironova (Gelena Soshnikova, Oleg Soshnikov's wife)

The film is based on events in the lives of the Russian air crew and ending on November 24, 2015, during a combat flight, their Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fighter jet was shot down by a Turkish fighter in northern Syria.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 UTI

76 white

Nebo21 01205.jpg

Sukhoi Su-24M & Sukhoi Su-25

Five Sukhoi Su-24Ms alongside some Sukhoi Su-25.

Nebo21 02540.jpg

Servicing the Su-24 by loading the braking chute :

Nebo21 03420.jpg
Nebo21 03424.jpg

Ilyushin Il-76

Ilyushin Il-76 in the background of some Sukhoi Su-24 and Sukhoi Su-25.

Nebo21 03515.jpg
Nebo21 04135.jpg
Nebo21 04240.jpg
Seen at 1h45.

Sukhoi Su-27

Two of them -including 01 red- escorting Soshnikov and Muravyov for a short time.
NOTA : over the months, Russia has deployed Sukhoi Su-27, two-seat Su-30SM and Su-35S aircraft. In early October, the Russian defence ministry admitted that Russian Sukhoi Su-30 aircraft were based at Khmeimim Air Base.

Nebo21 04510.jpg
Su-24 on the left and (center and right) the two Su-27s.
Nebo21 04550.jpg

01 Blue.

Nebo21 14500.jpg
Nebo21 14502.jpg

Mil Mi-8AMTSh

Nebo21 04735.jpg
Nebo21 10655.jpg
Nebo21 13345.jpg
Nebo21 13735.jpg

Sukhoi Su-25

01 Blue.

Nebo21 04950.jpg

Kronshtadt Orion-E

Russian Medium Altitude, Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for reconnaissance and strike mission.

Nebo21 05403.jpg
Nebo21 05406.jpg

Sukhoi Su-24M

Numerous airframes including 56 & 54 & 51, 48, 41

Nebo21 10345.jpg

Sukhoi Su-24M 83 Blue of Lieutenant Colonel Soshnikov and Captain Muravyov.

Nebo21 11820.jpg
Nebo21 11952.jpg

Archive footage used for fictitious breaking news showing the aircraft involved in the real events (83 White, registration RF-90932 manned by Lieutenant Colonel Peshkov and navigator Captain Murakhtin).

Nebo21 13635.jpg

Mil Mi-24

Nebo21 10658.jpg

Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 52 Fighting Falcon

CGI of a Turkish Air Force F-16.

Nebo21 11925.jpg

Mi-8AMTSh (or Mi-171Sh)

Note the square windows and the black FLIR pod (hidding the right rear wheel).

Nebo21 12605.jpg

Tupolev Tu-22M

Red square on the right.

Nebo21 14907 Tu-22M.jpg
Nebo21 15155.jpg

Sukhoi Su-27UB

Sukhoi Su-27UB in the background.
Taking off for offensive mission ... without armament !

Nebo21 14915.jpg

Kamov Ka-52K "Katran"

Nebo21 14919.jpg
Gold yellow ring : Footage already seen in Hunter Killer.
Nebo21 15127.jpg

Mil Mi-28

Nebo21 14920.jpg

Kamov Ka-27

Nebo21 14930.jpg

Tupolev Tu-160

Nebo21 15205.jpg

Ilyushin Il-22 & Tupolev Tu-154

The most distant tails are typical of the Ilyushin Il-22 (airborne command post ... still wearing Il-18 on their fuselage). Tupolev Tu-154s on the right.

Nebo21 15400.jpg

Tupolev Tu-154 & Ilyushin Il-76MD

Reg. RA-78847 Ilyushin Il-76MD. Action of repatriation of Soshnikov's body to represent the real ceremony for Oleg Peshkov which occured on the evening (dark hours), 30 November 2015.

Nebo21 15537 RA-76.jpg

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