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The Concorde ... Airport '79 movie poster.

Movie (1979)
French title : Airport 80 Concorde

Alain Delon (Captain Paul Metrand)
Susan Blakely (Maggie Whelan)
Robert Wagner (Kevin Harrison)
Sylvia Kristel (Isabelle)
George Kennedy (Captain Joe Patroni)

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When journalist Maggie Whelan discovers that her lover Kevin Harrison has been selling arms illegally she tells him that she will go public with the news. He decides that she and the documents that prove his guilt must be destroyed and the perfect way for him to do this is by taking down the Concorde she is going to be flying on.

Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde 101

The star of the film is this Concorde owned by the fictional Federation World Airlines. To celebrate it being the first US owned Concorde it undertakes a celebratory flight from Dulles to Moscow via Paris. Along the way it suffers various misfortunes. It is targeted by an attack drone, shot at by a mercenary in an F-4 and suffers explosive decompression when the cargo hold door opens due to sabotage.
Registration F-BTSC and serial 203 this Concorde saw real life service for Air France and as a test bed for Aérospatiale. It crashed in 2000 over Gonesse, France killing all on board.
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AP79 Concorde.jpg
AP79 Concorde 2.jpg
AP79 Concorde 3.jpg
AP79 Concorde 4.jpg
AP79 Concorde 5.jpg

Dassault Mystère Falcon 20 GF

This jet is used by the villainous tycoon and arms dealer Kevin Harrison. Only the scenes with the plane on the runway at Aéroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle depict a real aircraft with a CGI model being used for scenes in the air.
Registration F-BPJB. Construction Number 145.

AP79 Falcon 3.jpg
AP79 Falcon.jpg
AP79 Falcon 2.jpg
AP79 Falcon 4.jpg
AP79 Falcon 5.jpg

Harrison Industries Buzzard Attack Drone

A prototype for a new military attack drone. One of Harrison's men alters the programming so that it goes after the Concorde rather than the F-4 it was meant to. Depicted using a combination of models and CGI.

AP79 Buzzard.jpg
AP79 Buzzard 2.jpg
AP79 Buzzard 3.jpg
AP79 Buzzard 4.jpg

McDonnell Douglas F-4C/D Phantom II

Mercenary jet sent by Harrison to shoot down the Concorde. In the end it is shot down by the French Air Force. Seems to be a scale model rather than a real aircraft.

AP79 F-4.jpg
AP79 F-4 2.jpg
AP79 F-4 3.jpg
AP79 F-4 4.jpg

McDonnell Douglas QF-4B Phantom II

Another F-4 Phantom seen in a demonstration of the Buzzard attack drone's capabilities. McDonnell Douglas QF-4B Phantom II (BuNo 149420) of the Pacific Missile Test Center (PTMC) Range at Point Mugu but devoided of the NAVY stencil and the US roundel.

McDonnell Douglas QF-4B Phantom II (BuNo 149420).
AP79 UnFighter 2.jpg

McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle

USAF jets which shoot down the Harrison Technologies Buzzard drone that attacks the Concorde.

AP79 F-15.jpg
AP79 F-15 2.jpg
AP79 F-15 3.jpg
AP79 F-15 4.jpg

Dassault Mirage F1C

Dassault Mirage F1s (of E.C. 3/12 Cornouaille, French Air Force) are sent to shoot down the mercenary F-4.

AP79 3 Fighter.jpg
AP79 3 Fighter 2.jpg
AP79 3 Fighter 3.jpg

Gates Lear Jet 25A

Executive transport of Federation World Airlines used by Joe Patroni to fly to land at Dulles where he is to fly the Concorde from.
Registration N564CL. Serial 25-060.

AP79 Learjet 2.jpg
AP79 Learjet.jpg

Agusta-Bell 206 JetRanger II

Used to transport a donor organ that was on board the Concorde.
Registration F-BUIA. Serial 8353.
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Reg.F-BUIA Agusta-Bell 206 JetRanger II of Hélicentre SA.
Reg.F-BUIA Agusta-Bell 206 JetRanger II of Hélicentre SA.

Raven S-50A

Hot air balloon used by environmentalists to protest against Concorde. As part of the protest it rises in front of the Concorde but Mertrand takes evasive action to avoid hitting it.
Registration N401AA. Serial S50A-257.

AP79 Balloon.jpg
AP79 Balloon 2.jpg
AP79 Balloon 3.jpg
AP79 Balloon 4.jpg

Airbus A300B2-101

Seen on the run way of Aéroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle when the police chase the mechanic who sabotaged the Concorde.
Registration F-BVGC. Construction number 007.

Airbus A300B2-101 of Air France.
Airbus A300B2-101 of Air France.

Boeing 727-228 Advanced

Aéroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle.Three Air France aircrafts in the backbround, left is an Airbus A300, in the middle a 727-228 Advanced, and a Caravelle III on the right.

Boeing 727-228 Advanced of Air France.

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32

The KLM jet at Aéroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 of KLM.

Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle III

Aéroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Air France's Caravelle on the right.

Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle III of Air France.

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