Flight of Fury

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Flight of Fury DVD Cover.

Movie (2007)

Steven Seagal (John Sands)
Steve Toussaint (Ratcher)
Angus MacInnes (General Barnes)
Mark Bazeley (Richard Jannick)
Ciera Payton (Jessica)
Alki David (Rojar)

When a top secret stealth jet is stolen by its pilot, former government black ops agent John Sands is sent to retrieve it from the terrorists who have it.

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

This the X-77 prototype that is stolen by Ratcher.

FoF X-77.jpg
FoF X-77 2.jpg
FoF X-77 3.jpg
FoF X-77 4.jpg

"Engaging active stealth"

FoF X-77 5.jpg

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

Used by Sands and Jannick to fly to Afghanistan.
Also on IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

FoF SR-71.jpg
FoF SR-71 2.jpg
FoF SR-71 3.jpg
FoF SR-71 4.jpg
same picture seen in Polar Opposites.

General Dynamics F-16A Netz

Used at numerous points. In the initial test of the X-77 it is flown by Jannick chasing Ratcher in the X-77. A number are seen later on as the aircraft sent to bomb the base where the X-77 is being held. Finally, one is used by Ratcher to escape the airfield. There is a dogfight with the X-77 at the end of which it is shot down by a sidewinder missile.

FoF F-16.jpg
FoF F-16 4.jpg
FoF F-16 5.jpg

General Dynamics F-16B

FoF F-16 2.jpg
FoF F-16 3.jpg

Lockheed C-130H Hercules

Used by a team of Navy SEALS who are backing up Sands and Jannick to fly into Afghanistan.

FoF Hercules.jpg
FoF Hercules 2.jpg
FoF Hercules 3.jpg
FoF Hercules 4.jpg
FoF Hercules 5.jpg

Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker

Used to refuel the Blackbird on it's way to Afghanistan.

FoF Refuelling Rig.jpg
FoF Refuelling Rig 2.jpg
FoF Refuelling Rig 3.jpg

Seen on the runway at Edwards Air Force base in stock footage.

FoF Unidentified Aircraft 1.jpg

Grumman F-14 Tomcat

Seen in footage of the F-16s.

FoF 2 Unidentified Aircraft 2.jpg
FoF 2 Unidentified Aircraft 3.jpg

Dassault Mirage III

A mock of what is a melt between a Dasssault Mirage III, Mirage 50 and IAI Nesher.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

FoF Unidentified Fighter.jpg
FoF Unidentified Fighter 2.jpg

Antonov An-2

FoF Biplane 2.jpg
FoF Biplane.jpg

Kamov Ka-26

Seen in the background at the airfield in 'Afghanistan' (actually filmed in Romania).

FoF Ka-26.jpg
FoF Ka-26 2.jpg
FoF Ka-26 3.jpg

Northrop F-5 & McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

Aerial shot of Edwards Air Force Base. A McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II in the left background but the F-5s are most prominent.

FoF Various Aircraft.jpg

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