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Viper DVD cover.

TV Series (1994-1999)

Jeff Kaake (Thomas Cole)
Heather Medway (Cameron Westlake)
Joe Nipote (Franklin X. Waters)
James McCaffrey (Michael Payton)

Viper is an American action-adventure TV series about a special task force set up by the federal government to fight crime in the fictional city of Metro City, California that is perpetually under siege from one crime wave after another. The weapon used by this task force is an assault vehicle that masquerades as a Dodge Viper RT/10 roadster and coupe (later, the Viper GTS replaced the RT/10). The series takes place in "the near future". The primary brand of vehicles driven in the show were Chrysler or subsidiary companies. After NBC canceled the series, it was revived by Paramount Domestic Television with a complete re-casting/re-tooling of the show for first-run syndication from September 1996 to May 1999. The only actor to return after Season 1 was Joe Nipote in his role as Frankie "X" Waters, and he would remain until the end of the series. Actor James McCaffrey would return as the Viper's original driver from Season 1, Joe Astor, during Season 4 in 1998-1999. Actress Heather Medway, who played Det. Cameron Westlake, was the only new cast member from the show's revival to stay on the entire three syndicated seasons (from 1996 to 1999).

Season One

Douglas DC-3

Ep. 1.01 Pilot


Ep. 1.05 Safe As Houses
Same poster seen again.


Bell 206B JetRanger II

Ep. 1.07 Mind Games
The Syndicate boss Flagler wants to escape with this helicopter and the stolen virus.


Registration N830RC, s/n 1801. Now C-GKTV. Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.
Ep. 1.13 Crown of Thorns


Gulfstream IV

Ep. 1.13 Crown of Thorns


Beechcraft 400A

Ep. 1.13 Crown of Thorns
Registration N8280J. See real life photo here

Beechcraft 400A Reg. N8280J
Beechcraft 400A Reg. N8280J

Season Two

MiG-89 (CGI-altered Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird)

Ep. 2.02 MiG-89
This plane is called the MiG-89 in the episode, which is a name that has yet to be used by Mikoyan. The main antagonist flies it but it is destroyed by the Defender.


Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight

Ep. 2.02 MiG-89
The antagonists steal the plane parts with this helicopter. However the helicopter is just CGI.


Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman

Ep. 2.02 MiG-89
Registration CF-MAM. This scene was filmed inside the Petro Canada Building in Calgary.


Aerospatiale AS350 B2 Ecureuil

Ep. 2.03 Condor
Registration C-FSQY, c/n 2790. Plays a main role in that episode. Its flown by a blackmailed police pilot.

It has fake US aircraft markings.

Bell 206B JetRanger II

Ep. 2.03 Condor
Registration C-GLQI, c/n 1964 built in 1976.

It has fake US aircraft markings.

Douglas A-1 Skyraider

Ep. 2.14 Forget-me-not
This plane appears in a brain washing sequence for just some seconds. The scene is set in a war location not specified. However the buildings that are visible look like Vietnamese. But i think the whole scene is just staged because the video quality is too good to be archive footage.


Piper PA-31P Mojave

Ep. 2.18 Thieves Like Us
False registration N-GLLY. Two corrupt government workers want to escape with this plane but the Viper shoots the front tire. "Mojave" label is visible.


North American T-6G Texan

Ep. 2.18 Thieves Like Us
A yellow warbird is seen in background at the Airport. Worn uncomplete ANG markings.


Cessna 172DX Skyhawk

Ep. 2.18 Thieves Like Us
On the right: Registration C-FOYG, c/n 17249571X. Built in 1962

Reg.CFOYG Cessna 172DX Skyhawk.

Cessna 172B Skyhawk

Ep. 2.18 Thieves Like Us

Cessna 172B Skyhawk.

Piper PA-28 Cherokee & Cessna 172D Skyhawk

Ep. 2.18 Thieves Like Us
On left side, we can guess a Piper PA-28 Cherokee Under the cover and a blue/white Cessna 172D Skyhawk in the background.


Season 4

Cessna Citation II

Episode 4.04 Holy Matrimony
Underwing registration C-G??? Possibly C-GNWM, which carried a very similar paint job minus the red lower stripe in 2001 [1].
A Cessna Citation II with a fake designation on the vertical stabilizer (HK-85R?Z) but a correct designation on the left underside wing.


Gulfstream IV

Episode 4.04 Holy Matrimony


Westland Wessex 60 Mk1

Episode 4.04 Holy Matrimony
White and blue helicopter in the background.


Aérospatiale AS350 Ecureuil

Episode 4.15 Safe House


Cessna 152

Episode 4.22 Split Decision Part 2
Registration C-GBJQ

Reg.C-GBJQ Cessna 152 of Pacific Flying Club
Reg.C-GBJQ Cessna 152 of Pacific Flying Club
Reg.C-GBJQ Cessna 152 of Pacific Flying Club
Reg.C-GBJQ Cessna 152 of Pacific Flying Club

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