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Victory Through Air Power movie poster.

Movie (1942)

Alexander P. de Seversky (himself)

A cartoon by Disney's studios which tells in the first part, the story of aviation; the second one recalls evolution of air power; the last one introduces A. de Seversky and the theory of his book about future air power and strategy. (note: some airplane are drawn with great accuracy but most have unusual details (for example: armament or engine) and a handful are pure caricatures).

Note: This is an animated film. The aircraft shown in it are therefore not actual aircraft, however, where a reasonable depiction of an actual aircraft has been created, it has been identified as best as possible.


Wright Flyer I

VictoryTAP 0h03m37 Wright-1903.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h04m59 Wright-1903.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h07m07 Wright-Flyer.jpg

Santos Dumont 14-bis

VictoryTAP 0h06m00 SD-XIVbis.jpg

Henri Fabre Hydroplane & Unidentified Aircraft

Flying lower, the first Hydroplane which flew for the first time on 28 March 1910.

VictoryTAP 0h06m03 H-Fabre.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Looks like the Bristol Type T (but the real one has two rudder).

VictoryTAP 0h06m06 what.jpg

Blériot Limousine

VictoryTAP 0h06m09 what.jpg

Disney's jokes

General shape of Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim's Flying Machine.
VictoryTAP 0h06m53 what.jpg

Another White Eagle, the cheapest of all the proposals.

VictoryTAP 0h07m00 what.jpg
A sailplane based on the Curtiss June Bug, a failed attempt.

Phillips Multiplane N°3

VictoryTAP 0h06m54 what.jpg

Santos-Dumont Demoiselle & Robert Esnault-Pelterie REP n°1

Robert Esnault-Pelterie was a french pionneer who studied aircrafts not with pragmatism but with really a scientific mind. He is the inventor of the joystick which was on his REP 1 (the red plane on this screenshot).

VictoryTAP 0h06m15 SD-demoiselle REP.jpg

Ader Eole

This Flying Swan is in fact the Eole, the first trial of french pioneer Clément Ader. This steam machine made a controversial flight in 1890 but Clément Ader is much more realistic in his opinion in future warfare.

VictoryTAP 0h06m51 Ader-Eole.jpg

Blériot XI Taxi-Pingouin

Here without engine, it's the aircraft with the shortest wingspan for very first lessons and training limited to taxiing.

VictoryTAP 0h06m56 what.jpg

Jean-Marie Le Bris Albatros

Joke based on the vintage 1856 winged boat of the frenchman Jean-Marie Le Bris. The original one was just a glider.

VictoryTAP 0h06m57 what.jpg

Blériot XI

VictoryTAP 0h07m45 BleriotXI.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h07m55 BleriotXI.jpg

Curtiss D

Eugene Ely took off from the USS Birmingham (14 nov 1910).

VictoryTAP 0h08m48 EugeneEly-Curtiss.jpg

Ely landed his Curtiss pusher airplane on a platform on the armored cruiser USS Pennsylvania (18 January 1911).

VictoryTAP 0h08m54 EugeneEly-landing.jpg

Curtiss D Hydro

VictoryTAP 0h09m23 sailplane2.jpg

Wright Brothers Model EX

Calbraith Perry Rodgers who flew 4,212 miles in 49 days from New York City to Pasadena (17 september 1911 / 5 november 1911).

VictoryTAP 0h09m53 Rodgers.jpg
The Vin Fiz Flyer was an early Wright Brothers Model EX pusher biplane.

Caudron G.3

VictoryTAP 0h10m35 HFarmanXI.jpg

Farman HF.20 & Etrich Taube caricatures

VictoryTAP 0h11m00 firstEncounter.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h11m15 Taube.jpg

DFW C.V & Morane-Saulnier L Parasol caricatures

VictoryTAP 0h11m59 parasol.jpg

Fokker E.III caricature

VictoryTAP 0h12m05 Eindecker.jpg

Albatros D.II

General shape with incorrect wing struts.

VictoryTAP 0h12m35 was.jpg

Handley Page O/100

VictoryTAP 0h13m05 HP-typeO.jpg

Albatros D.V

VictoryTAP 0h13m25 Albatros.jpg


VictoryTAP 0h13m29 Spad.jpg

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny

VictoryTAP 0h14m37 Jenny.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h15m53 Jenny-airmail.jpg

Curtiss NC-4

VictoryTAP 0h14m49 Curtiss-NC-4.jpg

Vickers F.B.27A Vimy Transatlantic

VictoryTAP 0h14m57 Vickers-FB27A.jpg

Ryan NYP Spirit of Saint-Louis

VictoryTAP 0h15m04 Ryan-NYP.jpg

Douglas World Cruiser

VictoryTAP 0h15m13 Douglas-WorldCruiser.jpg

Lockheed Vega

VictoryTAP 0h15m19 Lockheed-Vega.jpg

Lockheed 14 Super Electra

VictoryTAP 0h15m23 Lockheed-SuperElectra.jpg

Boeing Model 15

Alias PW-9 for the Army and FB-5 for the Navy. Given to be the first aircraft with a turbocharger despite several aircraft of WW1 have already such device.

VictoryTAP 0h15m29 turbo.jpg

Gee Bee R-1 Senior Sportster & Gee Bee Model Z Super Sportster

N° 11 of Jimmy Doolittle (in 1932) and N° 4 (yellow) winner of the 1931 Thompson Trophy (with Lowell Bayles at the controls).
In fact, the two planes never flew together as the Z crashed before the first flight of the R-1.

VictoryTAP 0h15m36 GeeBee.jpg

Bell P-39 Airacobra

VictoryTAP 0h15m46 diving.jpg

Another caricature to illustrate the heavier armament

VictoryTAP 0h17m13 P-39like.jpg

Ford 5-AT-C Trimotor

VictoryTAP 0h15m55 Ford-Tri.jpg

Boeing 307 Stratoliner

Registration NC19902 was really worn by one of the Boeing Model 307 Stratoliner.

VictoryTAP 0h15m58 Boeing-S307.jpg

Boeing 314

Various Aircrafts

An air parade in a tribute to the first aircraft bought by the US Army in which we can recognise (among the next five screenshots) the following shapes : Vultee A-31 Vengeance, Lockheed Ventura / Hudson, Douglas C-54A Skymaster, Douglas A-20 Havoc, Consolidated B-24, Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Consolidated PBY Catalina, Curtiss-Wright C-46 Commando, Martin PBM Mariner and probably many others (but the stream is so dense !).

VictoryTAP 0h16m42 WW2a.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h16m42 WW2b.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h16m42 WW2c.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h16m42 WW2d.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h16m42 WW2e.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Sopwith F.1 Camel ?

VictoryTAP 0h16m56 WW1-british.jpg

Curtiss P-40B/C Warhawk

VictoryTAP 0h17m00 P-40B FT.jpg


VictoryTAP 0h17m08 SPAD-XIII.jpg

Avro Lancaster

Calling up a ten tons bomb (the future Tallboy), an approximative shape of the Avro Lancaster (the only other bomber with such a load bomb, the Boeing B-29 has a tricycle gear).

VictoryTAP 0h17m35 Lancaster.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h17m48 Lanc.jpg

Supermarine Spitfire Mk V

VictoryTAP 0h17m45 Spitfire.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h29m24 Spit.jpg

A Spitfire (?) attacking german bombers. The single four engine attacking aircraft of the Lutwaffe was then the Focke-wulf Fw 200, a maritime patrol never used in such raid.

VictoryTAP 0h29m25 Spit vs 4eng.jpg

Douglas XB-19

The wingspan of the Douglas XB-19 is wider of the first powered flight made by the Wright Brothers.

VictoryTAP 0h18m33 Flyer B-19.jpg

Blériot XI

A. Seversky's father was one of the very first airmen in Russia, owner of a Blériot XI slighty modified and built by Mikheil Grigorashvili.

VictoryTAP 0h18m58 Seversky father.jpg

Farman HF.3

VictoryTAP 0h19m15 Seversky Farman-HF3.jpg

FBA C ("130 chevaux")

VictoryTAP 0h19m23 Seversky FBA.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

A blueprint of a study at the end of the first World War.

VictoryTAP 0h19m59 Seversky blueprint.jpg

Martin NBS-1

USS Alabama hit by a white phosphorus bomb dropped by an Martin NBS-1 during bombing tests led by Col. Mitchell, September 1921. In fact, a flight was dispatched consisting of two Handley-Page O/400 and six NBS-1.

VictoryTAP 0h20m05 Martin NBS-1.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

VictoryTAP 0h20m19 various.jpg

Seversky SEV-3

VictoryTAP 0h20m31 Seversky SEV-3.jpg

Seversky SEV-3L

VictoryTAP 0h20m34 Seversky SEV-3L.jpg

Seversky BT-8

VictoryTAP 0h36mn Seversky S-35.jpg

Seversky P-35

VictoryTAP 0h20m39 Seversky P-35.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 B Stuka

VictoryTAP 0h25m23 Ju-87B.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h26m45 Ju-87B Twin.jpg

Fairey Swordfish

VictoryTAP 0h27m01 Swordfish.jpg

Dornier Do 17 Z

Aircrafts on the left and the right of the second rank have a shape similar to the Junkers Ju 88.

VictoryTAP 0h31m32 Do17.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h31m34 Do17.jpg

Fictionnal German Assault Glider

Looks like some sport glider of the prewar years.

VictoryTAP 0h31m47 LW AssaultGlider.jpg

Junkers Ju 52/3m

VictoryTAP 0h31m49 Ju52.jpg

Mitsubishi Ki-21

December 1941 : british battleship Prince of Wales and Repulse were sunk by Mitsubishi G3M but it's a Ki-21 which is drawn.

VictoryTAP 0h33m21 Ki-21.jpg

Douglas SBD Dauntless

VictoryTAP 0h50mn Douglas-SDB.jpg

Mitsubishi G4M

VictoryTAP 0h50mn G4M.jpg

Unidentified Japanese Aircraft

VictoryTAP 0h52mn Japs.jpg

Messerschmitt Bf 109

VictoryTAP 0h54mn Bf109 lookalike.jpg

Project LRCF

Has some lines of the future Republic XF-12A, a 1946 prototype for a long-range photo-reconnaissance. The draft of the LRCF is about a much more heavier and powerfull bomber.

VictoryTAP 0h53mn project.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h54mn project.jpg
VictoryTAP 0h56mn project.jpg
VictoryTAP 1h06mn project model.jpg

Fictitious Bomber

Like a first draft of the future Convair B-36 (which genesis started only a handful months before the movie). Indeed Convair started studies of its Model 36 a twin tail configuration.

VictoryTAP 0h56mn project B-36.jpg

Japanese Barrage balloons

VictoryTAP 0h56mn Jap balloons.jpg

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