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Oceana Air Show title screen.

TV Documentary (2010)

Rob Reider (Narrator/Announcer)

Strap in and hang on as the world's best pilots engage in mock dogfights, pulse-pounding tactical maneuvers and more at the legendary Oceana Air Show.

General Dynamics F-16CG Night Falcon

Registration 89-2083, c/n 1C-236.

2014-12-31 21h34 15.png
2014-12-31 21h47 06.png
2014-12-31 21h47 32.png
2014-12-31 21h47 56.png
2014-12-31 21h49 35.png

McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet

Of Fighter Squadron Composite Twelve (VFC-12) Fighting Omars.

2014-12-31 21h34 25.png

BuNo 164655 / AF-01, c/n 1082/C279.

2015-01-01 01h21 03.png

BuNo 164628 / AF-12, c/n 1045/C257.

2015-01-18 19h12 33.png

BuNo 164258 / AF-04, c/n 1021/C239.

2015-01-01 01h21 47.png

Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat

Registration N224RD / NX1DF, BuNo 121748 c/n D.1122. More info here.

2014-12-31 21h34 39.png

North American P-51D-30NA Mustang

Registration N251HR Glamorous Gal, s/n 44-74453 built in 1944.

2014-12-31 21h34 46.png

North American T-6G Texan

Registration N22NA, c/n 168-326 built in 1946. At left on the first screenshot, the right wheel and wing folded of a Vought F4U Corsair.

2014-12-31 21h35 38.png
2014-12-31 21h42 05.png
2014-12-31 21h46 43.png
2015-01-01 01h15 56.png

North American P-51D Mustang

Registration NL351MX / 474391, c/n 122-40931.

2015-01-01 01h17 46.png

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor & North American P-51D-30NA Mustang & Lockheed Martin F-16CG Night Falcon

2015-01-18 19h09 26.png

Left to right. Mustang on the bottom is registration N251HR Glamorous Gal, s/n 44-74453 built in 1944.
Mustang on top is registration N351MX February, s/n 44-74391, c/n 122-40925 built in 1945.

2015-01-18 19h09 34.png

Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet

Several lined up, front to back: BuNo 166677 / AD-234, c/n F155.
BuNo 165806 / AD-220, c/n 1543/F0320.
BuNo 166788 / AJ-113, c/n E134.

2014-12-31 21h39 18.png

Sikorsky MH-60S Knighthawk

BuNo 167864 / HW-72 from HSC-26 "Chargers".

2015-01-18 19h08 51.png
2014-12-31 21h39 47.png

Grumman C-2A Greyhound

BuNo 162144, c/n 24 of VRC-40 "Rawhides".

2014-12-31 21h40 02.png
2014-12-31 21h40 10.png

North American FJ-3M Fury & McDonnell F2H-4 Banshee

At the Aviation Heritage Park in NAS Oceana Virginia.
FJ-3M BuNo 136008.
F2H-4 BuNo 127693.

2014-12-31 21h40 31.png

McDonnell Douglas C-9B Skytrain II & Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker

C-9B registration 159117, c/n 47581 built in 1973 of VR-56 "Globemasters".
KC-135R registration 57-2603, c/n 17739 built in 1957. Based at March AFB.

2014-12-31 21h41 00.png

Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye 2000

BuNo 166503 / code 661 of VAW-120 "Greyhawks".

2014-12-31 21h41 34.png

Vultee BT-13A Valiant

Registration N56360, c/n 5946 built in 1942. Owned by the Commemorative Air Force.

2014-12-31 21h42 38.png

Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet

BuNo 166776 / AJ-100, c/n E122 of VFA-31 "Tomcatters".

2014-12-31 21h47 44.png
2014-12-31 21h54 05.png
2014-12-31 21h54 21.png
2014-12-31 22h01 51.png
2014-12-31 21h41 49.png

Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting Falcon

Registration 88-0521 /HL, c/n 1C-123 of Viper West.

2014-12-31 21h50 39.png

Beechcraft C18S

Registration N7381C, c/n 8104 built in 1944.

2014-12-31 21h51 05.png
2014-12-31 21h51 22.png
2014-12-31 21h52 57.png

Aero L-39C Albatros

Registration N55107, c/n 433136 built in 1984.

2014-12-31 21h51 46.png

Beechcraft B200 Super King Air & Beechcraft C18S & Aero L-39C Albatros & Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris

C18S registration N7381C, c/n 8104 built in 1944.
L-39C registration N136EM, c/n 432917 built in 1984.
MS.760 registration N763JS, c/n 92 built in 1960.

2014-12-31 21h52 32.png

Grumman C-2A Greyhound

BuNo 162174, c/n 54 of VRC-40 "Rawhides".

2014-12-31 21h53 08.png

Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet

Registration 166605 / AG-105, c/n E101 of VFA-143 "Pukin Dogs".

2014-12-31 21h54 40.png

Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis

Registration NX211. Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg. NX211 Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis.

McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet

BuNo 165214 / AD-360, c/n 1390/C439 of VFA-106 "Gladiators".

2015-01-01 01h04 55.png

Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet & Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet

F/A-18E BuNo 166785 / AJ-111, c/n E131 of VFA-31 "Tomcatters" refueling F/A-18F BuNo 166677 / AD-234, c/n F155 of VFA-106 "Gladiators".

2015-01-01 01h06 02.png

Start & Flug H101 Salto

Registration N101AZ, c/n 60 built in 1984. Jet-powered sailplane owned by Bob Carlton.

2015-01-01 01h09 08.png
2015-01-01 01h09 49.png
2015-01-01 01h10 08.png
2015-01-01 01h10 55.png

Glasflügel H-201 Standard Libelle

Registration N221E, c/n 123 built in 1970.

2015-01-01 01h08 52.png

Boeing 727-225

Registration N466FE, c/n 21292 built in 1976.

Reg. N466FE Boeing 727-225 of FedEx Express.
Reg. N466FE Boeing 727-225 of FedEx Express.

SIAI-Marchetti F.260

Registration N260SM, c/n 2-40 built in 1970.

2015-01-01 01h19 14.png
2015-01-01 01h19 38.png
2015-01-01 01h20 20.png

Schweizer 300C

Registration N7505B, c/n S1205 built in 1985.

Reg. N7505B Schweizer 300C Otto.
Reg. N7505B Schweizer 300C Otto.
Reg. N7505B Schweizer 300C Otto.
Reg. N7505B Schweizer 300C Otto.

Mudry CAP 231EX

Registration N580GP, c/n 03 built in 1992.

2015-01-03 01h09 50.png
2015-01-03 01h09 59.png
2015-01-03 01h10 57.png

Sikorsky MH-53E Sea Dragon

BuNo 163065 / TB-02, c/n 65-558 of HM-15 Black Hawks.

2015-01-03 01h13 00.png
2015-01-03 01h24 51.png
2015-01-03 01h25 03.png
2015-01-03 01h25 26.png

Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris

White on top is registration N763JS, c/n 92 built in 1960. Black on top is registration N375AS, c/n 44 built in 1959.

2015-01-03 01h13 08.png
2015-01-03 01h14 36.png
2015-01-03 01h15 25.png
2015-01-03 01h16 19.png
2015-01-03 01h21 30.png

Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye

BuNo 164496 / AJ-601, c/n A159 of VAW-121 Bluetails.

2015-01-01 01h10 23.png
2015-01-03 01h18 22.png

Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat & Vought F4U-4 Corsair

Aircraft of the Bremont Horsemen Aerobatic Team. Two F8F-2 Bearcats; registration N224RD / NX1DF / 121748 / D-224, c/n D.1122 built in 1948; and registration N8TF / 122637 / F-225, c/n D-1190 built in 1948. Corsair registration N4TF / WE-18, c/n 9418 built in 1945.

2015-01-03 01h12 17.png
2015-01-03 01h28 58.png
2015-01-03 01h29 57.png
2015-01-03 01h30 37.png
2015-01-03 01h42 48.png

Lockheed C-130T Hercules Fat Albert

BuNo 164763, c/n 382-5258 built in 1992. A Marine Corps C-130T used by the Blue Angels for their logistics, carrying spare parts, equipment, and support personnel between shows.

2015-01-03 01h33 04.png
2015-01-03 01h33 32.png
2015-01-03 01h33 44.png
2015-01-03 01h34 10.png
2015-01-03 01h35 13.png

McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C/D Hornet

Blue Angels.

2015-01-01 01h13 18.png
2015-01-03 01h12 27.png
2015-01-03 01h40 07.png
2015-01-03 01h41 56.png
2015-01-18 19h08 20.png

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